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Public Manatee Tours Starting at $35/half day (3hrs)
Snorkel with a Manatee in Crystal River, Florida

Max 6 people, larger boats for a single party. 
Mask/snorkel rental $10 / wet suit $10.
Tours can be arranged at 8am, 9am, later times available in the winter months.


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There are many types of manatee tours available including morning trips, private tours and large group tours (up to 16 people) however, we do not make arrangements with captains that herd people in boats holding 30 people. This is not fair to neither you nor the manatee. Although the manatee love to interact and get their bellies scratched, they are scared and stress out when many people are in the water. Each tour is personalized and varied in length depending on each encounter. Our captains are very personable as well as experienced in the Crystal River and surrounding waters.

We welcome feedback of your manatee tour so after your interaction with these gentle giants please email us, we appreciate it. Tour times typically are between 2-3 hours. Due to the fact that manatee are put off by large groups of people, we encourage smaller group tours for the benefit of the manatee, as well as for you. Patrons may choose to remember their experience for a lifetime by purchasing an underwater video of their encounter.

Whether you choose a private manatee tour or a larger group of your family and friends, each and every one of our select captains will strive to make your manatee adventure an experience of a lifetime! Visit Crystal River Florida and entertain with the manatee! 

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